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This first blog post will be short and sweet, to give an idea of what to expect from our blog… Pet Corner! We will also be delving into the rumour that people prefer animals to people, why and what you actually get out of by being a pet parent.


Loving pets is a common part of Australian life!

About a third of us would rather spend time with pets than people, according to the latest findings from the Australia Talks National Survey 2021, with women more likely to prefer their furry friends to humans. How crazy is that? It just shows how much pets have an impact on someone’s life, and how much our love for them means in the scheme of things.

Australia Talks found about 14 per cent of people reported feeling lonely either frequently or always.

Of those Australians, 41 per cent would rather spend time with pets over people, compared to 27 per cent of those who said they occasionally, rarely or never felt lonely.

During the pandemic, demand for pets rose exponentially. People began searching for that companionship they felt they were missing, and found that in pets. It’s not unusual for people to turn to pets for companionship or comfort. Caring for an animal can help you to feel wanted and needed, especially if you live alone (or like most of Australia, have been stuck in lockdown for what feels like forever). Most pet parents even talk to their pets, with it helping them to work through their issues or worries.


Some people even like to use having a pet as common ground with other people to facilitate social interactions. Pets can help you to start and maintain friendships. It’s not often that you don’t see two dog owners stopping and having a chat to each other, whilst on their own walks.


But, besides pets helping to ease loneliness, it has been proven that pets can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. With so many benefits to owning a pet, and the unconditional love and companionship you get out of the relationship, it has become a bit of a no-brainer why a number of people have jumped into becoming a pet parent.


Despite all the benefits though, owning a pet is no easy or stress-free commitment, and it isn’t a miracle cure for mental health.¬† You need to love and be appreciative of domestic animals for owning one to be beneficial and comforting. Money and time is also an investment you have to make with owning a pet to ensure they are properly cared for and happy.

So, if you aren’t already a proud pet owner and are thinking about becoming one, please make sure you do your research and understand the lifetime commitment and responsibility you will have to this animal.


To finish off this blog post, I just want to give you some more information about Pet Corner and what you can expect.

Every Monday, we will be doing a blog post on our most requested topic. Throughout the week prior, we’ll be asking (on our social stories) what you all want to see on our blog. As we are a pet supplies retailer, the topics can only be pet related.

Please remember, the owner and director of Pawfect Choice (Sara) will be writing these posts personally. She is a certified Vet Nurse and has over 4 years experience, so she knows her stuff.

No pet-related topics are off limits… feel free to ask to anything. Working in a vet clinic, there is nothing you don’t see in relation to animals. So, we are happy to get down and dirty in the details of topics you might not normally see online, and be sacred to ask your normal pet blog.

We can talk about clinical-related topics like ‘How to express anal glands’, or about general pet topics like ‘The best way to provide an enriched environment for your pet’.

Head over to our instagram @pawfectchoiceaus to give us a follow, and our facebook www.facebook.com/pawfectchoiceaus to give us a like. This way you can be answering on our stories what you want to see on our blog. If you don’t have social media, feel free to send your requests to our email hello@pawfectchoice.com.au


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